Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Village in North Cyprus


Tranquil and beautiful village

This beautiful village was immortalised by Lawrence Durrell in his book ‘Bitter Lemons of Cyprus’, which portrayed his experiences living in the village during the 1950s. It is perhaps surprising to see how little has changed since his time.

The ruins of the ancient Bellapais Abbey are timeless and its iconic arches have become a symbol of the area. The building originally dates from the 13th century and these days is a popular setting for local artists to paint and sketch. Lawrence Durrell’s ‘Tree of Idleness’ stands nearby – said to induce lethargy in those who sit under it.

Visit in the evening, when the ruins are illuminated and enjoy a traditional Turkish Cypriot meal in one of the local restaurants.

Bellapais Village is an ideal base for your holiday in Kyrenia; Cyprus Premier offers a good choice of hotels in and around Bellapais Village within the foothills of the mountains and beautiful views over the coastline.

Still standing strong, beautiful arches in the Bellapais Abbey





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